rMeet is a solution for all conference organizers. Module system allows creation of a mobile app, suited to different needs of all participants and still keeping the unique branding of a conference. Additionally, an app managing system was created  to help manage apps content and support a conference organizer live during the event itself.


To create a new version of the mobile app, based on the functional and visual modules and with the use of a panel to easily manage the app

Scope of work

Solution design, user experience and user interface


Managing panel

A complex control panel allows user to build a unique mobile app intended for one specific conference from scratch. In addition to features and content, the appearance of the app can also be modified to keep thematic coherence with the conference’s visual identity.


Personalised mobile app

Ready-made solutions are often not that flexible and their usage possibilities are limited. But in this case the app administrator can edit the visual aspects of the app to suit his own specific needs.


Detailed wireframes

All the screens were primarily designed as comprehensively detailed prototypes/wireframes, that were then tested and finally recreated as ready graphic projects.


User testing & iterations


Only tested features were used

It is often the case that the well appraised features do not always work as well as they should when faced with real life situations and the target market. Testing allows some parts of the project to be adjusted (at an early stage) and designed, later, to become even more usable.